Referral Program


To participate in this program follow these simple steps:

  • Complete the referral form referring a new party to purchase at Unity Park and submit to or phone 03 9684 8161
  • The Unity Park team will check and confirm that the Referrer qualifies for this promotion
  • The Developer, HB Land, will issue you with a $2,000 Gift Card upon settlement.

*Terms & Conditions

This promotion commences from 8th July 2022 and will run until cancelled by HB Land, in its discretion. Referrals made prior to 8th July 2022 do not qualify for the Referral Program. The Referred Customer must not already be known to HB Land as a potential purchaser, including by being previously introduced or referred to HB Land by another party or agent or appearing on a HB Land (or its agents) sales database. The promotion is not open to any builders, investment companies or real estate agencies.

The Referrer and the Referred Customer acknowledge that if the Referred Customer:
– pays the deposit in accordance with the Contract;
– completes the Contract on or before the Settlement Due Date (other than in circumstances where Settlement is delayed as a result of HB Land default); and
– otherwise complies with the terms and conditions of the promotion as may be amended from time to time,
the Referrer will be entitled to a $2,000 gift card from HB Land upon settlement.
This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion, is personal to the Referrer, and is not transferable to any other person. Any tax, liability or duty that arises in relation to this promotion is the responsibility of the Referrer who should seek independent professional advice to determine any such tax, liability or duty implications.

The Referrer acknowledges that they may be contacted by HB Land in the future to administer this promotion and to provide updates on HB Land products and services and that any information they provide will be treated in accordance with the requirements of privacy legislation. HB Land and the vendor under the Contract will not exchange funds on the gift card for cash or as a discount on a lot at Unity Park. Gift cards are to be issued by a party nominated by HB Land, in its discretion, and are subject to the terms and conditions of those gift cards. A gift card may become void and may not be redeemed if it is not used prior to its expiry date or it is defaced, stolen, damaged, altered or otherwise tampered with in any way. Neither the Unity Park team, HB Land or its related entities will be liable for any remaining dollar value on any gift card which is not used before the expiry date or where the gift card is defaced, stolen, damaged altered or otherwise tampered with.

Contract – a contract of sale for the purchase of a lot in the Unity Park development.
Referrer – a person who introduced a new purchaser to HB Land.
Referred Customer – the person referred to Unity Park by the Referrer.
Settlement – has the meaning given to it in the Contract.
Settlement Due Date – has the meaning given to it in the Contract.